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Would you like to attend the PDWC 2024 Online High School Parliamentary Debate Conference?

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PDWC 2024 Online Debate Conference Application Guidelines

Regarding the online event format

・The event will be held entirely online via Zoom.

・The event will not be open to the public.

・Due to time differences between participating countries, the schedule may be changed after the     schools are selected.

・At PDWC, it is important to us to create opportunities for participants to form deep connections.  To this end, westrongly encourage you to join the various social and cultural sessions throughout  the event

How to apply

Please apply from the application page on the PDWC website.

1. Complete application form(can be found on the PDWC website) 

① School name (Country name) 

② First and last name (of all 3 participants) 

③ Age (of all 3 participants) 

④ Grade (of all 3 participants) 

⑤ Name of accompanying teacher 

⑥ Contact of accompanying teacher (email/phone number)


Those who want to participate

Click here to become part of a total of 12 schools that foster lifelong friendships while discussing contemporary social issues online from around the world.

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Applications are not currently being accepted.

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