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Would you like to attend the PDWC 2021 Online High School Parliamentary Debate Conference?

We look forward to your participation.

PDWC 2021 Online Debate Conference Application Guidelines

  1. Number of Participant Schools: 8 schools from Japan and 8 schools from overseas will be accepted.
  2. Team Structure

a) Each team will consist of 3 students and 1 teacher, totaling 4 persons.

b) Teams can be mixed gender and mixed grade (any combination is possible

as long as  they are enrolled students)

(Note: Participants cannot be changed after applying)

  1. In principle, school must be a participant school in a previous PDWC.

Participants should be:

  1. Students who want to actively interact with high school students from all over the world
  2. Students who want to learn more about debate
  3. Students who are lively, proactive, curious and open


How to apply:

Please apply by pressing the APPLY button below, and filling out the online form.


1. Create a brief introduction video with the names of the 3 participants and accompanying teacher (1 minute per participant.) Please make sure to include text with your country, school name, and team member names at the beginning of the video.

2. Please enter the necessary information into the application form

1)School name (Country name)

2)First and last name (of all 3 participants)

3)Age (of all 3 participants)

4)Grade (of all 3 participants)

5)Name of accompanying teacher

6)Contact of accompanying teacher (email)

7)Emergency contact of accompanying teacher (phone number)

8)School principal participation application consent form

Please ensure that the accompanying teacher sends the application. We will not accept applications from students.


Application Period & Decision

Application period:  20 May (Thu) – 20 June 2021 (Sun)

Announcement of participating schools: 30 June 2021 (Wed)

Method of announcement: email to accompanying teachers and PDWC website



Those who want to participate

Click here to become part of a total of 16 schools that foster lifelong friendships while discussing contemporary social issues online from around the world.

PDWC 2021 Online Debate is no longer accepted

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Applications are not currently being accepted.

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