PDWC 2024 Online Debate High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference & Competition

~Planting Seeds of Peace~

Japan ( 6 Schools ) + Overseas ( 6 Schools )
PDWC 2024 Online Debate High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference & Competitionの写真

Aim of the Event
As part of the WakuPro Foundation’s International Friendship Program, the purpose of PDWC is to:
1. Exchange diverse views through debate, and foster friendships that will serve as a foundation for building a peaceful world
2. Introduce to each other the history and culture of each of their regions of the world, foster mutual respect and understanding and embrace diversity while enjoying themselves
3. Learn more about Japan and enjoy Japanese culture and tradition
Students who participate in the conference can also apply to become Youth Ambassadors the next year; they can participate as conference staff and further develop their leadership skills.

About the Debates
WakuPro's goal through debate is to provide opportunities for students to learn communication skills, develop their ability to think globally by discussing various social issues, and acquire the listening and empathy skills necessary for next-generation leaders. By engaging in dialogue with other students, participants can make new connections from around the world and cultivate friendships that will last a lifetime. The debate portion of the event is facilitated by Debate Mate based in the United Kingdom.

About the Cultural Connect & Student Connect Activities
During the cultural and student connect activities, participants take the time to deepen their understanding of cultural backgrounds, deepening friendships with friends, and further utilizing the communication skills they have developed at the conference to make possible a peaceful and bright future for the next generation. They also experience fun, interactive events that will help spread the culture and charm of Japan to the world. At PDWC we place great value on creating opportunities for participants to form deep connections. To this end, we strongly encourage students to attend all of the various social and cultural sessions throughout the event.

Participating School

Participating Schools have been decided

Japan ( 6 Schools )

No. Prefecture School Name
1 Tokyo Shibuya Junior & Senior High School
2 Tokyo Clark Memorial International High School
3 Aichi Aichi Prefectural Showa High School
4 Hyogo Kobe University Secondary School
5 Hyogo Kobe Municipal Fukiai High School
6 Okayama Okayama Gakugeikan High School

Overseas ( 6 Schools )

No. Country School Name
1 Australia Robina State High School
2 USA Cedartown High School
3 Morocco Ecole Française Internationale de Casablanca
4 Indonesia SMA Negeri 3 Banda Aceh
5 New Zealand Southland Boys’ High School
6 Nepal Janak Nath Memorial Higher Secondary School

PDWC 2024 Online Debate Event


Saturday, February 3 〜 Saturday, February 10, 2024

*Please see the schedule for details

1.Opening Ceremony

2.Debate Training

3.Debate Round ( 3 Round )

* The top 4 schools will advance to the Semi – Final Round

4.Semi – Final Debate Round

* The top 2 schools in the Dabete Round will advance to the Final Debate Round

5.Final Debate Round

6.Mixed Debates

7.Cultural Connect Activities

8.Student Connect Activities

9.School Introductions

10.Closing Ceremony

How the event will be held

The conference will be held online ( Zoom )

Schedule (Tentative)

1/29 (Mon) 9:00   9:30  Zoom Connection Test 1
1/30 (Tue) 16:00 16:30  Zoom Connection Test 2
1/31 (Wed) 10:00 10:30  Zoom Connection Test 3
19:00 19:30  Zoom Connection Test 4
2/1 (Thu) 22:00 22:30  Zoom Connection Test 5
2/3 (Sat) 17:00 18:00  Opening Ceremony
18:30 20:30  Debate Training Group 1
21:00 23:00     Debate Training Group 2
2/4 (Sun) 9:00 11:00  Cultural Connect Activity
16:00 18:30     School Introductions
2/5 (Mon) 16:00 18:00  Mixed Debate 1
19:30 20:30    Student Connect Activity 1
21:00 23:00  Mixed Debate 2
2/6 (Tue) 17:00 19:00  Debate Round 1 Group 1
21:00 23:00  Debate Round 1 Group 2
2/7 (Wed) 18:00 20:00  Debate Round 2 Group 1
20:30 22:30  Debate Round 2 Group 2
2/8 (Thu) 17:30 19:30  Debate Round 3 Group 1
20:00 21:00     Student Connect Activity 2
21:30 23:30  Debate Round 3 Group 2
2/9 (Fri) 17:00 19:00  Semi-Final Debate Round
21:30 22:30     Semi-Final Debate Round  (Alternate time )
2/10 (Sat) 17:00 19:00  Final Debate Round
19:00 20:00  Closing Ceremony

Note: Schedule is subject to changes.
All times are in Japan Standard Time (JST)


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