About Us

Our Aims

To assist those who will lead the next generation:
via educational support and development,
promotion of culture, art, and technology
and support for professional training
To provide opportunities for seniors:
to lead richer, more meaningful lives by sharing
their abundant experience in support of
the young people who will lead the next generation

These are the purposes for which this foundation was created.

Our Mission

  In Japan after the war, young people and children were miraculously able to rebuild the country with a sense of joy and hope.

Nowadays, although we have become materially affluent, due to a lack of connection and increasingly unreliable information, young people and children are less able to tap into their agency, resourcefulness, and creativity.

Meanwhile, compared to other cultures, we Japanese have slightly forgotten to smile and to connect with others, but we can see many youth and children who are abundantly and powerfully creative.

In addition, Japan’s low childbirth rate means that the population is shrinking. It is clear that Japan needs helping hands from abroad for society to progress. For that reason, we need to provide opportunities to foster not only material abundance, but also creativity and an inner abundance — a generosity of the heart.

I believe our mission as adults is to accomplish this by providing aspiring young people with opportunities to connect with one another in learning environments.

The WakuPro Foundation fosters generous and creative young people.

By co-creating with adults, the youth of today can contribute to this country’s future through activities such as donating food and supplies to areas in need domestically and overseas, providing educational scholarships to outstanding young students, and supporting other organizations that provide a wide range of educational opportunities.


About WakuPro

Our foundation’s name, WakuPro, comes from Japanese wakuwaku, meaning “bubbling with excitement” or “exciting”, and “project” or “professionals”.
Our vision is to support young people in becoming the next generation’s leaders.
Our further commitment is to help create a circle of support for young people, so that they can become effective professionals on the world stage

Kazuko Nakadai
Chair, WakuPro Foundation


Name WakuPro General Incorporated Foundation
Office Gojinsha Tokyo Nagatacho Bldg. 2F
1-11-28, Nagata-cho
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
100-0041, Japan
TEL 03-6261-1237 (10:00–18:00)
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