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  • 2018年 南魚沼グルメマラソン(新潟)

  • 2018年 東京マラソン

  • 2017年 南魚沼グルメマラソン(新潟)

  • 2016年 エコ・スローマラソン印旛(千葉)

  • 2016年 東京マラソン

  • 2015年南魚沼グルメマラソン(新潟)

  • Tokyo Marathon(2015)

  • Niigata Cosmos Marathon(2014)

  • Honolulu Marathon(2013)

International Debate Conference and Competition International Debate Conference and Competition

  • 国際ディベート大会
  • This event is hosted as part of the WakuPro Foundation International Friendship Program.
    It will be held for the fourth time in January 2019.

    More Details

    ●Contact Information
    High School Parliamentary Debate
    World Conference and Competition (PDWC)

Original Goods Original Goods

  • オリジナル商品
  • マラソン

KEITAI Runner's Water Bottle

Water bottles are a requirement for Marathon runners;

the WakuPro Foundation designed one especially for this purpose (includes detachable clip for easy refilling).

賞品使い方 賞品使い方
  • ● How to use:
    When going out or on a trip, can be attached to a handbag, backpack, or suitcase.
    Also great for sports such as jogging, cycling, golf, etc.
  • ● How to attach / detach clip:
    When using the clip, hold the clip with fingers and slip onto neck of bottle.
    Take care to avoid pinching your finger.
  • ● Caution:
    Do not freeze or heat.
    (Use between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius.)